Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing Dominion: Seaside Expansion

From Rio Grande Games Site: http://www.riograndegames.com/games.html?id=326  

All you ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. And someone who knows how to steer ships using stars. You finally got some of those rivers you'd wanted, and they led to the sea. These are dangerous, pirate-infested waters, and you cautiously send rat-infested ships across them, to establish lucrative trade at far-off merchant-infested ports. First, you will take over some islands, as a foothold. The natives seem friendly enough, crying their peace cries, and giving you spears and poison darts before you are even close enough to accept them properly. When you finally reach those ports, you will conquer them, and from there you will look for more rivers. One day, all the rivers will be yours.

This is the 2nd addition to Dominion.
It adds 26 new Kingdom cards to Dominion. Its central theme is your next turn; there are cards that do something this turn and next, cards that set up your next turn, and other ways to step outside of the bounds of a normal turn.  

*Note* Dominion: Seaside is an expansion to both Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue.
As such, it does not contain material for a complete game. Specifically, it does not include the Treasure, Victory, Curse, or Trash cards. Thus, you will need either the base game or Intrigue to play with this expansion and have experience playing Dominion with either of the first two games. It is designed to work with either or both of these sets, and any future expansions that may be published. We hope you enjoy this expanding world of Dominion!

Retailing at $62 and reaching soon!

Introducing Munchkin Fairy Dust Expansion

Meet the Sparkly Good Fairy. She wants all the munchkins to play nice, and she's willing to bash heads to make sure they do. Play her way, and she'll bribe you with Fairy Dust. Otherwise, you might end up fighting her instead. And if you don't take her out, she'll be back again and again . . .

Fairy Dust is a 15-card expansion for classic Munchkin. It introduces the Sparkly Good Fairy and her deck of Fairy Dust cards – extra rewards for munchkins who are willing to help each other. (It's perfectly munchkinly to be nice . . . as long as you get something cool for doing it!) Every card in the set is full-color, with added glittery pink and silver Fairy Dust.

Munchkin Fairy Dust is fun whether you stick with the core Munchkin set or play with all the expansions you can get their hands on. And at less than four bucks (USD), it's a no-brainer!

For more info: http://www.worldofmunchkin.com/fairydust/

Retailing at $6 and reaching soon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mayday Game Sleeves Guide

Having problems finding the right size sleeves for your card or board games?

Download Mayday games sleeve guide to over 300 games with sizes and type of sleeve(s) required. Please note some games have more than one size of card! http://www.maydaygames.com/sleeves.pdf

Some tips:

1. Try to fit by width rather than by length as you can trim off the length for a close fit but you can't do that for the width!

2. Note the thickness of the sleeves. Only the Premium Euro sleeves are of the thick close to lamination thickness.

-> For heavily abused card games like Uglydoll, Jurassic Jumble, sleeves are usually not suitable. You will probably require thick lamination to protect the cards from the heavy abuse.

-> For cards seldom handled (means usually not place on hand), the usual thin sleeves will be more than enough. However, for card games having tons of cards, thick (premium sleeves) will really increase the deck size and increase shuffling difficulty. (need to tradeoff between thick decks and durable decks!)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just Arrived! Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm Expansion

As the territories of Kingsburg expand, the forging of the realm continues! A host of new governors have been given command of outlying provinces of the royal realm, and once again they must influence advisors, strengthen their provinces, and defend the realm from the depredations of marauding foes.

Competing with their fellows, governors must utilize brand new abilities and buildings to their fullest to secure a place on the king's council! Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm contains a host of new features for your Kingsburg game, including:

• New province sheets with additional buildings.

• Building row overlays.

• Governor Cards

• The Destiny deck

• Soldier Tokens

Kingsburg: To Forge a Realm adds modular game variants that can be played individually, in various combinations, or all together for a richer gaming experience for your gaming group!

More Info From Boardgamegeek:

The expansion is composed by five "modules". One or more modules can be added to the game in order to customize it to your liking (or to have a slightly different challenge each time).

They are: 1) two extra rows of buildings 2) seven "alternative rows" of buildings (each replacing one of the seven standard ones; each player gets two of these during setup and thus has a slightly different board than the others to manage) 3) more than twenty Characters (each one with a special ability; every player gets one of them and enjoys his/her special power for the whole game) 4) more than twenty Events (they are shuffled and one is revealed at the start of each year, producing a special effect for that year only, which may be helpful, neutral or detrimental, but it's always applied to all players) 5) an alternative (deterministic) way to handle wintry reinforcements (rather than the die, each player gets six tokens numbered 0, 1, 1, 2, 3 and 4 during setup; at the beginning of each Winter you use and discard a token to get that many extra soldiers from the King).

Now available @ $45 per set!

Introducing Bridge Troll!

In BRIDGE TROLL, you and your friends are hideous trolls who each guard a troll bridge. Each turn, you throw boulders to bid for travelers, who vary in number depending on the weather for that day. Travelers include fat merchants, pilgrims, poor monks (who make good eating), and if you are lucky, royal personages.

As travelers come to your bridge, you use them to collect tolls. But watch out! Knights, bandits, dragons, and vicious Billy Goats Gruff prowl the countryside. You'll have to use some of your boulders to chase them away (which means you'll have fewer left to use on your bridge!).

Although you need to collect tolls from travelers so you can buy building supplies, working on your bridge makes you hungry, so you will have to eat some of your travelers instead. It is important to balance tolls with food in order to make your bridge very appealing to travelers. If you eat too many travelers or just collect money, you won't be able to fix up your bridge.

The player who uses toll-money, food, and boulders to build the most impressive troll bridge operation wins the game.

Contents: 6 Troll Bridge Boards, 54 Boulders (wood cubes), 53 Traveler Cards, 15 Bridge Upgrade Cards, 4 Travel Schedules, 6 Trophy Tiles, 6 Rules Summary Cards, 1 Weather Die, Rulebook, and Scoring Markers.

No. of players: 3-6

Ages: 10+

Playing time: 45-60 minutes

Price: SGD $35

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing Premium Euro Card Sleeves

What's this?

These are for cards that are 2 5/16 X 3 9/16 inches in size (59 MM X 92 MM).

This is a 50 pack of PREMIUM THICKNESS card sleeves that are deluxe plastic sleeves to protect your cards from wear and tear, bending and more!

If you play very many European Board Games you probably spend HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dollars on your games. What happens to the best ones? They eventually wear out from hours and hours of fun! Don't let your cards get beat up, spilled on, marked up or destroyed by thoughtless friends or family, invest a few bucks in these and protect your investment!

Whats that? You already have sleeves? Yeah, well you may have some sleeves but chances are they don't fit very well. Why? Standard sized card sleeves are NOT sized for "Euro Cards"! Take a look at this list of games who's cards will fit perfectly in our sleeves:

Agricola (350+ Cards), Balloon Cup, Battlelore, Blue Moon City, Dominion (500+ cards), Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Dual In the Dark, For Sale, Jambo & Expansion, Kahuna, Knights of Charlemagne, La Havre, Lord Of The Rings & Expansions, Lord Of The Rings Trivia, LOTR Confrontation, Olympia 2000, Relationship Tightrope, San Juan, Starship of Catan, Stone Age, Taj Mahal and Top Race!

Do you need them?

Before you get this sleeves, please get ready a ruler and measure the size of the cards that you will like to protect. If it fits 59 MM X 92 MM and you will like to protect these cards, then get a copy of them. This sleeves is of a premium thickness and will much longer than the usual cheap thin sleeves available.

Selling at $3.30 per pack of 50 pcs sleeves!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Introducing Steam: Rail to Riches

Mayfair Games just released the much anticipated Steam: Rail to Riches, a remake of the older Age of Steam and a game similar to Railroad Tycoon! Players: 3-6 Ages: 12+ Playing Time: 90+ minutes In Steam™ you build railroads and deliver goods along an ever changing network of tracks and stations. You build the tracks, upgrade towns, improve your train, and grab the right goods to make the longest, most profitable deliveries. Score your deliveries and add to your income or victory points, balancing your need to invest against your quest to win the game. Steam contains a beautiful, double-sided game board. The map on each side depicts terrain, towns, and cities at the start of the railway age. The map of the northeastern USA and neighboring Canada is ideal for 3 or 4 players. Use the map of Europe's lower Rhine and Ruhr region when playing a 4- or 5-player game. You can play Steam on any number of current and future variant and expansion maps, so we include pieces for 6 players. Steam is the culmination of Martin Wallace's classic railroad game series. It contains a brilliantly balanced standard game, and a very rich, elegant basic game. Both offer you unparalleled flavor and fun. Steam * Steel * Wealth Steam Contains:
  • A full-color, double-sided game board.
  • 130 double-sided track tiles (of 15 types).
  • 8 "New City" tiles.
  • 24 wooden player tokens (in 6 colors).
  • 96 wooden goods cubes (in 5 colors).
  • 8 "New City" tiles.
  • 7 "Action" tiles.
  • 18 "City Growth" markers.
  • 52 gold and silver money tokens.
  • 1 turn marker.
  • 1 cloth goods bag.
  • A simple, full color rules booklet covering both the basic and standard games
* For players who love Ticket to Ride, Power Grid and looking for a more advanced railway game, Steam: Rail to Riches will be a great addition especially at an attractive price of $79.90!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Introducing Carcassonne Big Box 2

Rio Grande Games released a special Carcassonne Big Box 2! This Big Box is the same size of the previous, but with a slightly different component mix. Thus, it has a box liner designed with spaces for all the components. This big box includes the basic game, Inns & Cathedrals, Traders & Builders, Princess & Dragon, Abbey & Mayor, River 2, Count, King, and Cult. (Cost around SGD $165!)
Carcassonne Big Box 2
Carcassonne Big Box 2 will be reaching us in 2 weeks time at $100 per set. There's a savings of at least $50 from the current Carcassonne packages! Sets are limited so please reserve your set soon!