Sunday, October 12, 2008

New Game Preview: Galaxy Trucker

Rio Grande Games recently released Galaxy Trucker, a much sought after game which has being out of stock for some time! Here is more information on it: Corporation Incorporated is an interplanetary construction firm that buildssewer systems and low-income housing on the less-developed planets of the Galaxy. For years, Corp Inc. has tottered on the brink of bankruptcy: transporting building materials to the edge of the Galaxy, where the need for their services is greatest, is a risky business. The company was saved by a few visionaries on the board of directors. Instead of shipping materials to the Periphery, they reasoned, why not build the materials into spacecraft and let them ship themselves? Furthermore, why hire pilots if there are nut-cases who will do it for free?That’s where you come in. Just sign the contract, and you gain unrestricted access to a Corp Inc. Warehouse. Build your own space ship from the available prefabricated components, and fly it to the Periphery. Of course, you may have to eat a loss, but any profi ts you make along the way are yours to keep, and Corporation Incorporated will pay you a bonus for quick delivery.It’s possible that you will end up with an insurmountable debt and fi nish your days panhandling on the streets of Deneb III, but if Lady Luck should smile upon you, you just might find yourself among the 10 billion richest people in the Galaxy! Awards 2008 Spiel des Jahres Recommendation. You can watch the video review here:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Game Preview: Chinatown

Z-Man Games has recently released Chinatown, a long sought after game which has being out-of-print for a long time! Designed by Karsten Hartwig New York in the 1960’s. A new wave of Chinese immigrants is moving into Chinatown. The adoption of the new immigration act has launched the district in a demographic boom! It now reaches Canal Street to the north and Bowery Street to the east. The immigrants, hard-working men and women, are arriving by the thousands to buy buildings, establish businesses and fulfill the American Dream! In this game, you are one of them. With all your savings in hand, the Big Apple is up for grabs! Will you know how to use your talents and acquire the most extraordinary fortune in America? The board represents the New York Chinatown of the mid-60’s. It is divided into 6 districts containing buildings numbered from 1 to 85. A game is played over 6 rounds. In each round, the players receive income from the businesses they have managed to establish. To generate the maximum income, shops of the same type need to be built on adjacent buildings. At the beginning of each round, players draw new Building cards and new Shop tiles. They must then use their negotiation skills to acquire adjacent buildings and establish businesses. But it is not always that easy…In this game where everything can be negotiated, only the hard laws of the market prevail.


board, 150 wooden markers, 90 shop tiles, 1 year marker, 175 cards, linen bag,

No. of players: 3-5

Ages: 12+ Playing time: 60 minutes Price: $79.90 SGD Info from BoardGameGeek "This is a negotiation game in the truest sense of the word. In it, players acquire ownership of sections of city blocks then place tiles, representing businesses, onto the block-sections. At the end of each turn, each tile you've laid gives you some sort of payout, but completed businesses (formed of three to six connected tiles of the same type) pay quite a bit better. All these resources are dealt to the players randomly, however, so players must trade to get matching businesses and adjacent locations." This game is #2 in the Alea big box series. Awards: 2008 Ã…rets Familiespill (Family Game of the Year, Norway) Nominee. 1999 Spiel des Jahres Recommendation. New stock will arrive at Budget Board Games in 2 weeks time. Please email us to reserve your set to avoid disappointment! Stock Update for Chinatown: Our first batch of China is overwhelming received, there is only 1 set left so please reserve your set soon!