Thursday, April 1, 2010

Introducing Mystery Express from Days of Wonder

Mystery Express
A Whodunit on Rails

Mystery Express is a whodunit deduction game from Days of Wonder. The murder that takes place on the Orient Express incorporates 5 different elements represented by a set of Crime cards. Players take on the role of one of 5 traveling characters, each who has their own special powers of deduction. The player who figures out the who, what, when, where and why of the murder before the end of the journey wins.

Designed by Antoine Bauza and Serge Laget, Mystery Express is an imaginative new take on the classic deduction board game, made up of top-notch components and unique, period-perfect illustrations

Inside The Box
3-5 Players
Age 12+
60-90 minutes


1 Board map of the Mystery Express and its itinerary from Paris to Istanbul
5 Player figures with matching character tokens
5 Ticket wallets
100 Deduction sheets that players will use to keep track of their deductions
1 Telegram notepad for players' to wire their suspicions in from Budapest
72 Crime cards, divided into 5 distinct Crime categories
1 Mystery Express miniature train
1 (gray) Conductor figure and 6 small Conductor tokens
2 Small Passenger tokens
1 Miniature travel bag
1 Miniature whistle
1 Rules booklet

Introducing Dungeon Lords! by Zman Games

They meet in a tavern. They quaff a few ales. Before the night is over, the strong warrior, the wily wizard, the committed priest and the sneaky thief form an inseparable party of adventurers, ready to rid the world of evil. And wouldn’t you know it? There just happens to be some evil within easy walking distance. A dark lord has filled a nearby hill with tunnels, traps, treasure, and trolls. And so the next morning (or the next afternoon if too many ales were quaffed) the heroes set out to fight for Right, conquer the dungeon, and punish the wicked lord (by taking all his treasure, of course). It’s a classic scenario, and any veteran dungeon crawler will tell you that’s the way things ought to be.

But what about that dark lord? Does anyone ever think about his feelings? Those adventurers, who have never done an honest day’s work in their lives, can not begin to imagine how much effort goes into building a respectable dungeon. They have no idea how hard it is to tunnel through granite, how expensive good traps are these days, how difficult it is to find qualified imps, or how

much food it takes to feed a troll. And the bureaucracy! Dungeons must meet rigid safety specifi cations, gold mining is subject to strict regulations, and taxes are due whenever the Ministry of Dungeons feels like it. And as soon as the dungeon is built, some band of do-gooders comes along and hacks everything up. Life is not easy for a dungeon lord.

The Board

Contents: 1 Central board, 1 Distant Lands board, 1 Progress board, 4 Dungeon boards, 85+ cards, ~40 imp figures, lots of monster(or ghost), room, adventurer, paladin, event, tunnel, item tiles, 48 wooden minion figures, lots of tokens and counters, and rules

No. of players: 2-4

Ages: 12+

Playing time: 120 minutes
Price: SGD $92