Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Introducing Dominion: Seaside Expansion

From Rio Grande Games Site: http://www.riograndegames.com/games.html?id=326  

All you ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by. And someone who knows how to steer ships using stars. You finally got some of those rivers you'd wanted, and they led to the sea. These are dangerous, pirate-infested waters, and you cautiously send rat-infested ships across them, to establish lucrative trade at far-off merchant-infested ports. First, you will take over some islands, as a foothold. The natives seem friendly enough, crying their peace cries, and giving you spears and poison darts before you are even close enough to accept them properly. When you finally reach those ports, you will conquer them, and from there you will look for more rivers. One day, all the rivers will be yours.

This is the 2nd addition to Dominion.
It adds 26 new Kingdom cards to Dominion. Its central theme is your next turn; there are cards that do something this turn and next, cards that set up your next turn, and other ways to step outside of the bounds of a normal turn.  

*Note* Dominion: Seaside is an expansion to both Dominion and Dominion: Intrigue.
As such, it does not contain material for a complete game. Specifically, it does not include the Treasure, Victory, Curse, or Trash cards. Thus, you will need either the base game or Intrigue to play with this expansion and have experience playing Dominion with either of the first two games. It is designed to work with either or both of these sets, and any future expansions that may be published. We hope you enjoy this expanding world of Dominion!

Retailing at $62 and reaching soon!

Introducing Munchkin Fairy Dust Expansion

Meet the Sparkly Good Fairy. She wants all the munchkins to play nice, and she's willing to bash heads to make sure they do. Play her way, and she'll bribe you with Fairy Dust. Otherwise, you might end up fighting her instead. And if you don't take her out, she'll be back again and again . . .

Fairy Dust is a 15-card expansion for classic Munchkin. It introduces the Sparkly Good Fairy and her deck of Fairy Dust cards – extra rewards for munchkins who are willing to help each other. (It's perfectly munchkinly to be nice . . . as long as you get something cool for doing it!) Every card in the set is full-color, with added glittery pink and silver Fairy Dust.

Munchkin Fairy Dust is fun whether you stick with the core Munchkin set or play with all the expansions you can get their hands on. And at less than four bucks (USD), it's a no-brainer!

For more info: http://www.worldofmunchkin.com/fairydust/

Retailing at $6 and reaching soon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mayday Game Sleeves Guide

Having problems finding the right size sleeves for your card or board games?

Download Mayday games sleeve guide to over 300 games with sizes and type of sleeve(s) required. Please note some games have more than one size of card! http://www.maydaygames.com/sleeves.pdf

Some tips:

1. Try to fit by width rather than by length as you can trim off the length for a close fit but you can't do that for the width!

2. Note the thickness of the sleeves. Only the Premium Euro sleeves are of the thick close to lamination thickness.

-> For heavily abused card games like Uglydoll, Jurassic Jumble, sleeves are usually not suitable. You will probably require thick lamination to protect the cards from the heavy abuse.

-> For cards seldom handled (means usually not place on hand), the usual thin sleeves will be more than enough. However, for card games having tons of cards, thick (premium sleeves) will really increase the deck size and increase shuffling difficulty. (need to tradeoff between thick decks and durable decks!)