Monday, October 5, 2009

Mayday Game Sleeves Guide

Having problems finding the right size sleeves for your card or board games?

Download Mayday games sleeve guide to over 300 games with sizes and type of sleeve(s) required. Please note some games have more than one size of card!

Some tips:

1. Try to fit by width rather than by length as you can trim off the length for a close fit but you can't do that for the width!

2. Note the thickness of the sleeves. Only the Premium Euro sleeves are of the thick close to lamination thickness.

-> For heavily abused card games like Uglydoll, Jurassic Jumble, sleeves are usually not suitable. You will probably require thick lamination to protect the cards from the heavy abuse.

-> For cards seldom handled (means usually not place on hand), the usual thin sleeves will be more than enough. However, for card games having tons of cards, thick (premium sleeves) will really increase the deck size and increase shuffling difficulty. (need to tradeoff between thick decks and durable decks!)

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