Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing Premium Euro Card Sleeves

What's this?

These are for cards that are 2 5/16 X 3 9/16 inches in size (59 MM X 92 MM).

This is a 50 pack of PREMIUM THICKNESS card sleeves that are deluxe plastic sleeves to protect your cards from wear and tear, bending and more!

If you play very many European Board Games you probably spend HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of dollars on your games. What happens to the best ones? They eventually wear out from hours and hours of fun! Don't let your cards get beat up, spilled on, marked up or destroyed by thoughtless friends or family, invest a few bucks in these and protect your investment!

Whats that? You already have sleeves? Yeah, well you may have some sleeves but chances are they don't fit very well. Why? Standard sized card sleeves are NOT sized for "Euro Cards"! Take a look at this list of games who's cards will fit perfectly in our sleeves:

Agricola (350+ Cards), Balloon Cup, Battlelore, Blue Moon City, Dominion (500+ cards), Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Dual In the Dark, For Sale, Jambo & Expansion, Kahuna, Knights of Charlemagne, La Havre, Lord Of The Rings & Expansions, Lord Of The Rings Trivia, LOTR Confrontation, Olympia 2000, Relationship Tightrope, San Juan, Starship of Catan, Stone Age, Taj Mahal and Top Race!

Do you need them?

Before you get this sleeves, please get ready a ruler and measure the size of the cards that you will like to protect. If it fits 59 MM X 92 MM and you will like to protect these cards, then get a copy of them. This sleeves is of a premium thickness and will much longer than the usual cheap thin sleeves available.

Selling at $3.30 per pack of 50 pcs sleeves!

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quek said...

Is it transparent on both sides or colored on one?
Does it fit Munchkin cards?