Monday, June 16, 2008

Boardgaming with young children

In Singapore, we are so used to getting children toys and games from mega stores such as Toys’rus.

However, these toys and games are conventional, commercialized and common (everyone has one!).

If you are interested in looking for unique unconventional games which you can play with your young children, check out this site:

Some recommendations are:

1. Animal Upon Animal : It's basically a super cute Jenga style game using animals instead!

2. Looping Louie : It is a "hungry hippo" style type of game which appeals to the adults too!

3. Gulo Gulo : Fun filled "fishing" game loves by both children and adults!

4. Hide and Seek (board game) : The most interesting game of all! It consists of an electronic toy (T-Rex, Tiger or Monkey) which you hide it from your child. Then him/her is to use the wand to find the toy! The wand will flash in different lights and intensity to indicate how close the toy is!

If you own any of the above games, please share your feedback with by leaving a comment. Thanks!

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